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I love music. Whatever the genre, I just love it. Whatever my mood. Unfortunately I don't BUY as much music as I'd like too, because albums nowadays are a budget, and I'm kinda picky when it comes to music, so I only buy what's good, from track 1 to hidden track. For example if possible I would only buy Beyonce's I Am...Sasha Fierce's album at half price, cause I literally only like the Sasha Fierce part. But I digress...

I recently bought Robyn’s Body Talk Part I album, without even listening to it (oooh risky !!)…Well not so much. So please let me do a full review of it so you can go get your copy. Or not.

1. Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do

That song sounds really The Hills/The City soundtrack. It’s a sort of electronic hymn that’s relatable and, it’s obviously more melody-oriented, than lyrically-wise with a repeatedly “ My drinking is killing me, my smoking is killing, your nagging is killing me, my record’s killing me, my mother’s killing me…”, actually it’s just a rebellious teenager kind of tune. Main message: “You’re killing me, don’t fucking tell me what to do.”

2. Fembot

Reminds me a lot of the Konichiwa album, sounds like a video game. Robyn sings a lot more on this one, and it definitely sounds like HER, and no one else, which I absolutely love.

Apparently the autotune isn’t dead at all, but then again, it completely fits the Fembot (as in female-robot) theme of the song, so it’s relevant.

3. Dancing On My Own

Robyn’s vocal range at it’s best. Fell in love with this song at 00:35 into it. Robyn is as heartbroken as she was in her previous album’s track “Be Mine!” only this time she sounds stronger. I can definitely relate to that song. The instrumental sounds very 80s – early 90s-ish.

Great post-breakup hymn for all the broken hearted girls who are dancing on their own. Just like me. I just love her ability to turn a sad song into a dancing tune. The only living legend to be able to properly do so would be…Madonna (Don’t Tell Me, Miles Away,…) and those are big shoes to fill. Good job Robyn!

4. Cry When You Get Older

Nice catchy pop song. Someone’s probably going to use that one in a commercial or something. Just another “love sucks and we all agree” kind of song.

5. Dancehall Queen

Fell in love with this one at 00:22! Dancehall/Reggae/Electro/Pop mashup with our very own Swedish Robyn’s sweet voice. She got the “riddim”, the gimmicks and everything, I think it’s a tribute to her influences. It’s an easy listening song. I wasn’t expecting this, so I smiled and shook my hips while travelling from Stockholm to Kingston. Feel good song. Loved it.

6. None Of Dem

This one’s dark. I love Robyn’s accent on this one, but that’s about it, I was a dancehall queen 2 seconds ago and now I feel bored to death. Great vocal arrangements but I’m not impressed with the rest of it. Actually at around 2:30 the song irritates me, but I’m waiting to be impressed at some point…or not.

7. Hang With Me [Acoustic Version]

Robyn’s a great live artist. Her forte is definitely acoustic, no autotune, no nothing, just flawless Robyn. I can relate to this song so lovely, it makes me smile. It’s soft but strong, rough but touchy, the kind of romantic comedy song that we all love to hate in public, but that we really secretly love cause we want to be that heroin.

It’s a good song to start a relationship. Well I believe it is.

8. Jag Vet en Dejlig Rosa
Very good way to end the album. It’s a traditional Swedish song about flowers, sounds like a lullaby.Lovely, very fairytale-like. I want Part II of the album.I love it.

- Mademoiselle Aja

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