Mani Monday - "HUNT ME DOWN"

As a self proclaimed nail polish addict, and collector I thought it'd be fun to posts small articles about my manicures, the nail polishes I love and why I love them.
I tend to switch colors every 2 to 3 days or so but I want you guys to keep up and post pics of my manis every monday. Not to brag or anything (but then again WHO brags about nail polish???), but to share my love with you and maybe instill a passion and make some of my most conservative readers try new colors and give ideas.
This week's #ManiMonday is "HUNT ME DOWN" by H&M...

It's a light army green that matches most of my outfits (and yours too I'm pretty sure...). I like it because while it definitely is an edgier color than the regular more 'traditional' manicure colors, it is kinda classy and and believe it or not discreet.

As the French would say: "L'essayer c'est l'adopter".


4 Fashion Keepers from Last Season

So of course Springtime cleaning means transitioning your A/W wardrobe into Spring and Summer and sometimes that whole process can turn into a mess and make you go cray cray.
The smart thing about this year’s fashion is that it incorporates staple pieces from last season so there’s no need for you to splurge right away into the new season’s must-haves.
This season is all about remixing Autumn/Winter 2011’s bests and adapting them to Spring/Summer 2012’s fashion and weather.

Here are 4 Fashion Keepers that can work with your new wardrobe…


This piece will work again for this season, with patterns, various arrays of colors and lighter fabric it definitely is a season must- have. Don’t be afraid to wear last season’s wide leg pant. They might be darker and in heavier fabrics, just pair them with light flowy pastel colored tops and you’re good to go.


Definitely a staple piece, it is in every wardrobe. It’s a perfect eveningwear piece and completes a look perfectly as a dinner jacket on chilly nights. The remixed version of the tuxedo jacket will be worn in creamy colors which are perfect for spring.


Forget about that “Look-at-my-skinny-leg” moment that Angelina had at the Oscars. Though it looks super dressy in the daytime if you wear that high slit dress with a white tank top it will look effortlessly ‘casual chic’.


From that classic strictness white Louis Vuitton version to the fresh candy and pastel colors of other runways, the peter pan collar adds a little schoolgirl or royalty to your look plus it’s one of those ‘universal’ trends because it fits everyone whatever the size or age.

Springtime Cleaning.

Yes, that time of the year again. The time when those that vowed to stick to a workout routine can't seem to find their way back to the gym, the time when we're cleaning cupboards and drawers, organizing wardrobes and shoe racks,...The time when we try new diets, experiment new hairstyles and switch our beauty regimen.

A time for questioning old habits, exploring new options...Out with the old, in with the new.

It's time for springtime cleaning at home, in your body and mind.

During my springtime cleaning last month, I've come to the realization that my procrastination with this blog might come from a desire of overachieving. And I've put so much pressure on me with that blog that by fearing to fail I just stopped blogging altogether.

Blogging in two languages has become so tough that it took the fun out of it...

Long story short..Frenesie Fashionesque is now officially in English.I chose English over French for obvious reasons but it doesn't mean that I neglect nor do I underappreciate my French speaking readers.

Hopefully you'll understand my choice, which will help me give you, my dear readers, more content then I did in the past.

Wish me luck on that new journey and please keep reading.